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I grew up in Ohio in a town so small it was considered a village for a good chunk of my life. My family is from rural Eastern, Kentucky, which is where I currently live. I've been married for thirty-three years and have two grown children. I originally trained for medical transcription, but returned to college at Miami University where I earned an Accounting Technology degree. 

So why write? Right? lol The truth...I've always been a closet writer. It started with a diary, then poems, songs, and one day I decided to write a romance. I was a romance reader way before I ever wrote my first manuscript. My mom used to bring home bags of books from garage sales, so it was only normal I picked up one, and I was hooked for life. And I love every genre of romance! 

I started with a publisher, won a few awards, and somewhere in that period, I wanted to go indie. The amount of valuable information I learned from my publisher was priceless, so you'll never hear me argue published versus non-published. 

I love the beach, the mountains, the desert, and everything in between. My husband was in the USAF, so we traveled extensively. I've lived in Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Autumn is my favorite season, and coral is my favorite color!

I'm a crafter, so from time to time you'll see something I've handmade on one of my social media accounts. I love my rose bushes. Music is a lifeline. And I love to change my hair color with the 

As for romance books, I like them hot with banter. What I don't like...bully romance. You'll never see me pair a a weak heroine with an overbearing alpha man. I can't do it and would probably burn the manuscript if I tried. HA!

Purple Rose is my book trailer business. I don't advertise it much because I'd rather write. And on that note, I'm off to edit!

Thanks for stopping by!

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