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Angelite: Did you know?

The small, polished stones you see in the image are Angelite or a form of Anhydrite. When exposed to water these beautiful, blue stones turn to common gypsum by the absorption of water. Angelite was first discovered in a salt mine in 1794. It is actually a rare stone only occurring in select locations under select conditions.

Polished Angelite

While writing, "The Burn," I wanted to give my heroine a way to avoid detection from the fallen angel Lucifer, better known as Satan. I created a magical stone called, "Angelite." At the time, I did not know it actually existed until stumbling across it while doing research. Coincidence?

In the mystical world, different stones have been used throughout time to help with a variety of ailments. Angelite has been used in the healing of infectious diseases, throat pain, psychological well-being, wealth, focusing attention, religious/spiritual strength, and some even say it is a way to develop a relationship with a higher power such as angels. I cannot say whether this stone actually helps in any way, but it's an interesting concept.

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet regarding this stone and its uses. I encourage anyone with curiosity to take a deeper look. The influence of different stones is a fascinating read. Maybe you'll find one for yourself? I may purchase my own piece of Angelite and keep it somewhere close, safe and dry. I can always use a little extra help!

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