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Can You Handle The Burn?

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Paranormal romance is my favorite genre. I developed a love for it in my early twenties. It's no wonder that now I write it! Vampires are my absolute favorite, so this blog is an in-depth look at "The Burn."

Leon, the lead male character, is a fallen angel cursed to live as a vampire on Earth. He fell from Heaven after being swayed by Lucifer. Leon has lived eternally from creation while awaiting his mate. He gave up on her though and chose to live his life in awe of others.

It's amazing what characteristics I can give my creatures. I choose to believe Leon was sorry for betraying God. I choose to believe a woman could provide his salvation. I choose to believe there is someone for everyone...even a vampire! After all, I am a romance writer and this is my book.

I developed the idea for The Burn while sitting in church listening to a sermon on Lucifer and his fallen angels. I started thinking if we have hope in Jesus Christ, or forgiveness, then couldn't those angels who fell have a chance at redemption? I really don't know the answer to that question, but as the plot settled in my mind, I imagined Leon. I tried to imagine how he felt. Was he depressed, lonely, did he hate his life, if he could go back and change his decisions, would he? These are all ideas I touch on in the book.

Leon is vampire, so he must feed to exist, but he doesn't like it. I wanted the reader to sympathize with him on another level and that's what I set out to accomplish. Even in the worst of times, most humans maintain a sliver of hope. Leon is no different, so when Shana (his mate) shows up on his dancefloor, in his club, he is humbled and grateful. Love is a powerful emotion!

Shana is half angel/half vampire. She is a descendent of Lucifer. She has dreamt of Leon all of her life, but after waiting centuries, she gave up on him. When she encounters Leon, she denied their union. The disappointments in Shana's life are monumental, and Leon is one more. Haven't we all been in the same situation before? Disappointment leads to bitter hearts and Shana's is in bad shape. Because she cursed God in a moment of grief, her soul broke. She has no idea the power she wields until the reoccurring theme of "forgiveness" enters her heart.

Only with age and experience, have I learned to let go of grudges. Those words my Mother used to say about "being the better person," ring true throughout The Burn. Forgiveness is difficult when you've been hurt repeatedly. My Father was an alcoholic who told me more than once he did not want me in his life. As a child, anger took the place of love and I carried it all through adulthood. When my Father ended up in a nursing home, guess who he wanted to come visit? Yep, that's right, my brother and I! I was so angry, I did not spend much time with him, and I can honestly say I regret that decision now. He was a very sick man. Eventually, anger turned to pity, and pity to forgiveness, and then one day my anger disappeared. I have more in common with Shana than I realized until I re-read the book and started the second for the series. (Yes...The Burn is going to be a series!)

Once Shana forgives Leon, and offers her life for his, the mating ritual or "The Burn" takes place. The Burn is all about forgiveness and the power of true love. Am I a hopeless romantic? You betcha! LOL The Burn received a 4.5 rating from Ind'Tale Magazine just a few days ago and I am thrilled beyond measure, and humbled, with the praise. If you're looking for a vampire book with a great story, give The Burn a try! What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a great vampire story!

If I leave you with nothing else in this blog post, I hope I leave you with the reminder to forgive. Forgive those who hurt you for yourself, if nothing else.

Here's the purchase link if you're interested: Amazon

Keep on reading readers and Happy Halloween!

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