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As an introvert, writing became second nature early on in my life. My first instinct was to disappear from anyone's view and the second instinct was to write. Now I find myself with two books published through The Wild Rose Press, three more coming, and one self-published book all in the public's eye. I honestly did not know self-marketing was part of the author I guess I just assumed some great marketing God would come along, notice me and do all the work. It's a real wakeup call when you realize promotion of your work falls on your own shoulders. I read many articles on the internet looking for ways to self-promote and listen to everyone else's ideas, but I still find myself nervous to plunge headfirst into that world with so many talented authors. Writing from my tiny desk in the comfort of my own home where no one can see me is one thing.....putting yourself out in front of everyone is another!

So this blog goes out to the struggling introvert. I know it's hard, but if I can do it, you can do it! Do what you love no matter where it leads. Crawl out from under your rock, take a deep breath of fresh air and smile. The world is waiting for you!

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