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House of Unseelie: A Haunted Romance

From a young age, I've had a love for horror. My mother used to watch horror movies regularly and read horror novels. Although I never read horror, I watched everything I could find and still do.

I started a manuscript titled, "The Harnesser," five years ago. The book required extensive research into dark witchcraft and demonology.

I wrote the first three chapters, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the material. Other writers told me to light a white candle when I worked on it. I'm not saying that practice doesn't work, but it didn't work for me.

I was so uncomfortable that I eventually closed it, deciding the manuscript wasn't my cup of tea. Several times, I considered deleting it, but couldn't let it go. Occasionally, I'd reopen it because I adored the story, but never wrote in it again.

Fastforward five years, and I started the Kings & Queens series. I knew I wanted to write an Unseelie book, and the wheels began to turn in my mind.

House of Unseelie needed to be different from House of Fae, so I opened The Harnesser document and went to work. After sitting for five years, I wasn't bothered by the content anymore.

Needless to say, House of Unseelie developed from fifteen pages in an old manuscript.

The Unseelie King is an interesting character. The reader first meets him in House of Fae. He was cursed to exist as a vampire. That doesn't change until House of Unseelie. His mate is his exact opposite. She's a necromancer and in a bit of trouble with demonic forces. They are a perfect match once the reader dives into the story and realizes the plot, and each character's role. He's a grump, but she doesn't back down.


The fragrance of roses saturated the small dining room. It was a sign of the dead’s presence and could be pleasant or odorous, depending on the soul. The chandelier swayed as a strong breeze blew through the space, circled both occupants, and peacefully settled. Dim lights flickered and cast shadows to slide across the walls.

The whisper of something that shouldn’t be in the living realm caressed Celine’s cheek. Her palms twitched on the dining room table, and, with the slight tilt of her head, she waited for an invitation.

It wasn’t polite to barge your way into the world of the dead. She kept her aura peaceful, tempting the soul with her gift. It wanted to communicate, or it wouldn’t be here. The spirit brushed against her arm, cool and gentle. A whispering moan echoed in the room. It was time.  

Her eyes closed at the same moment a deep breath left her parted lips. Her soul transitioned to hover just behind the chair her physical body occupied. The eyes of her separated spirit opened immediately, and she searched for the entity, the departed man she sought.

Celine located his smoky-gray form in a dark corner of the dining room. He nodded once and slowly ascended through the ceiling until his essence was undetectable. She allowed her soul to follow the soul of the man into the place where all spirits dwelled, into the Domain of Souls.


If you're a writer who thinks those old ideas aren't useful, think again. House of Unseelie is in the top two of my favorites from the series next to House of Warlock. And if you love a story with a thriller edge to it, give House of Unseelie a try. It's available with your Kindle Unlimited membership, or the ebook is $3.99 to purchase.

House of Unseelie is an adult fantasy paranormal romance, as are all the books from the Kings & Queens series.

Happy reading!

Thanks for stopping by!

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