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My publisher put out the call some time back for short erotic to publish. Novelettes are not really my specialty, but I could not ignore the challenge. Even though I do not like research, I found myself determined to write this short story. Why I picked historic is beyond Erotic is an entirely different matter. The detail that goes into a sex-based, short story is unbelievable. I told myself it would be easy to write 7,500 words. I told myself such a short story wouldn't require too much research. How hard could erotic be? It's just sex, right?

A month later, I found myself in awe of the authors who write historic and erotic. I did get the contract, but not without tremendous work. Was it worth it? You betcha. Not only did I gain a healthy respect for those authors, I also realized the amount of work that goes into those genres. Both erotic and historic are all about the details. If you think publishers don't look for those details, you couldn't be more wrong.

So, this post is to show my admiration for all historic and erotic, authors and readers. The devil is in the detail so to say! Remember the work that goes into one of those books and appreciate it. Authors are intelligent. Readers are just as intelligent because they know what should or should not be in one of those stories. I've been a fan of both genres for years and now I appreciate both so much more!

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