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N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Snuggle Up With These Books

Calling all readers! Fill your library with N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Snuggle Up With These Books Readathon picks. 56 books from multiple genres featured plus a chance to win one of the following:

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My books, The Burn and Thief of Hearts, will be featured on November 9th and 22nd. I even talk about what I’m thankful for this year. You won’t want to miss it.


Leon, a fallen angel cursed to exist as a vampire, has waited for his mate for centuries when Shana shows up on his dance floor wreaking havoc with the other immortals in his club. Embittered by the deaths of her angelic parents, Shana denies Leon. She wants nothing to do with vampires, and walks away only to put both of their lives in danger. Compassion brings Shana back to Leon's side only to find him hovering close to death. Love grows until they are both encompassed by The Burn. Together they battle dark spirits and Lucifer himself, all the while falling deeper in love.

Lord Simon Devon is a thief, but a respected member of The Haute Ton. Cassandra Montgomery is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Montgomery, and a maid who has watched Simon steal for years. After the death of her father, Cassandra learns a fortune was left to her in a dowry. When a thief sets out to steal a young woman's fortune, he encounters more than his match in the fiery beauty. Will a marriage of deceit result in true love? Will Cassandra steal Simon's heart or will Simon steal hers? After one night of passion, who will be the better thief?


The event is open internationally and runs November 1 – 30th with the drawing to be held on December 1, 2019. Click on the gift below for your chance to win one of the prizes listed above!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep on reading readers!

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