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Queen of Hope Review!

This year I wanted to write something a bit different for the holiday season, so Queen of Hope is a new Christmas, fantasy romance featuring the Fae. Queen of Hope is about forgiveness and the love between fated mates combined with the magic of Christmas.

The book is a novella and will be available on Kindle Unlimited December 3, 2020. It is now available for pre-order for $.99 cents!




The Fae King will stop at nothing to find his Queen.

A Queen in hiding will stop at nothing to avoid the Fae King.

Terrence Edward Lamon rose to power after the death of his cruel father. Repeated failed attempts to locate his mate, the true queen, forces him to hunt her himself. Their connection as fated mates acts as a beacon to her soul, and Terrence uses it to his full advantage. He knows she won’t accept him as The King, so he devises a plan to win Rana’s heart, but will it be enough for a reluctant queen to claim her crown, fall in love, and rule by his side?

Rana Antoinette Duvae has been hiding from the Fae for centuries after the murder of her parents. The gift of her family home, Duvae Manor, from the new Fae King seems too good to be true, but the temptation to return home impossible to ignore. When she finds a Fae caretaker in her home and they are locked together during a snowstorm, tension and passion sets them on a course to the truth and the magic of Christmas. Will Rana be able to forgive, love the Fae King, and accept the people she judged so harshly?



Independent Reviewer/Blogger

I LOVED this book. It's Christmasy, it's the fae, you just can't beat that! I have read a lot of fae books over the years, especially those from Karen Marie Moning and Laurell K Hamilton who I have huge respect for and the only one who has ever come close to them in my estimation is Kristal Dawn Harris.

There is something about the way she writes, it's almost like there is a musical lilt to it while you're reading. It soothes and it stimulates at the same time. It's hard to explain until you have succumbed to the temptation of her books and dove in.

Queen of Hope is wonderful because it reminds me of reading fairy tales as a child (only this is the adult version lol) where hope is inspired and love rules the day. This book is the embodiment of that. It's like giving your soul a hug. You just feel better for reading it.

Terrence and Rana are lovely characters. You can feel the emotions between them even before they meet. Their attraction is electrifying and it makes your heart ache for them. Honestly, who doesn't want a King to come in and swoop up the love of his life? The lengths that Terrence is willing to go for Rana is romance at it's finest. Who wouldn't want to be loved, revered, and cherished like that?

The set up is wonderful, you can really envision the fae landscape, the houses, and everything else in it. Her ability to build worlds and not overwhelm you is great. You get just enough to suck you in and you're happy to be a captive audience.

I don't want to say much else because I hate spoilers but I really hope this book becomes a series. Honestly, I could see this becoming a movie or even a television series.

And I dearly loved the dedication. It made me feel like part of the family even though I was just a reader. I could completely envision the Christmases of years past.

Read this book. You will not be sorry!!

If you love romance, then Sarah is blogger/reviewer to follow. Check her out at the link above!


Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to grab your copy of QUEEN OF HOPE today!


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