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The Spirit of The Fae

We first see a hint that the King of the Fae is a unique individual in a passage from the prologue of House of Fae.

"Something black concealed the gold in his eyes for two seconds. A trick of the light? It must be the overhead streetlamps reflecting in his gaze. She studied him, memorizing every feature. His tongue slid across his bottom lip, a temptation to any woman, and her entire body ignited in flames.

This wasn’t the normal Fae.

What could he do?

What would he do?

There was nowhere to hide.

“I’m coming for you, mate,” he whispered so low she thought she’d misheard. “You belong to me, and I’ve waited a long time to claim what’s mine.”"

The Spirit of the Fae is Tristan's burden to carry after the death of his father. The entity is all-powerful, connected to all inhabitants of Fae, and feared by all because of way the prior king used him. The spirit's personality or demeanor reflects its host. Nena, the FMC, knows something is off with the king, but it isn't until later in the book that the reader learns how it happened and why.

"Tristan didn’t rise when the gold crown fell where he kneeled. A black entity arose from the ground and circled him. It swirled as black smoke, black wings spread, and red eyes burning like lava. Nena gasped when it entered Tristan’s chest with a horrific scream. His body jerked, and his eyes flashed to black."

When I wrote the Kings & Queens series, I originally had House of Lycan as the first book, but House of Fae nagged me. Because the King of the Fae is the king of all, I felt House of Fae must go first. Three months before I uploaded the books, I changed their Sometimes that happens.

Does Tristan struggle with the entity? Yes. It's tied to his emotions, and his emotions run high for his fated mate and queen. Several times throughout the story, I describe his difficulty controlling the Spirit of the Fae. Here's an example from one of the scenes in the book.

"The beast inside squirmed with her so near, desiring the connection of souls, demanding it. A sliver of his magic caressed the skin over her heart, and a lavender strand rose to twirl and combine with his. Her soul recognized the bond between them, even if she refused to acknowledge it.

“Tristan,” she whispered.

The beast inside surged for the surface."

As the series continues, and especially in House of Warlock, the reader learns more about the Spirit of the Fae and what he can do. In House of Vampire, my current work in progress, I plan to use the Spirit of the Fae again, but I'm not sure how yet. LOL

The Kings & Queens series are fantasy and paranormal romances with adult themes and situations. Each king carries a beast inside, and their queens are no different. Nena, the heroine from House of Fae, is half Fae and half something else, but I'll let you figure that mystery out.

House of Fae is available with your Kindle Unlimited membership, or to purchase from Amazon. I hope you enjoy the story if you decide to read it. The link to the book:

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the video.

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