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When I was a little girl, we would visit my Grandmother's home for Christmas every year. My parents were divorced, so this would be my father's side of the family. My Grandmother would always have cakes, cookies, and a huge dinner spread, but the one thing I fondly remember is the sugarplum tree that sat on her coffee table. Full of red and green sugarplums, the tree fascinated a little girl with a horrible sweet tooth. They stuck tightly on the tree and I had to work to break them free with my little fingers coated in sugar.

One evening, after I ate all the red ones off the tree, I asked my Grandmother and Aunt for more. (Who likes the green ones? LOL) They said, "You'll have to wait for the sugarplum fairy to come tonight and put more candies on the tree."

You might say, a little girl with a vivid imagination and a love for sweets, was spellbound. A sugarplum fairy? No way! Santa Claus took a backseat to this new character introduced into my life. My Grandmother and Aunt laughed and I didn't understand at the time, but nonetheless, I was captivated.

Year after year, instead of wishing to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus, I hoped to see the Sugarplum fairy. The story they told spoke of a fairy with sparkling wings and a tiny body. They said the fairy worked hard to put sugarplums back on the tree for me because she was so small. They said she made a tinkling sound while she worked. My Grandmother and Aunt would tell me the same story each Christmas and the next morning the little, plastic tree would be replenished with sugarplums.

I chuckle at the memories now, but every time I see sugarplums in the store, I think of those times. I always wanted to tell my own children about the sugarplum fairy, but the plastic trees disappeared and only resurfaced a few years ago. I often wonder where my Grandmother came up with the idea, but it stayed with me all these years.

As an adult, people ask where my imagination comes from. I can only say I was blessed with creative women in my life who encouraged fantastical creatures from a young age. It's no wonder I write paranormal romance!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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