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Red Snowflakes releases in two days and I wanted to talk to you about the inspiration for the lead female character, Dena.

Dena is not someone I just created. She's based on a real member of my family. Some people are just natural-born caretakers and my first cousin, Dena, is one of those people. She cared for both of my grandparents, her own mother, and her own daughter who sadly passed away not long ago. If you have someone like this in your family then you know what I'm talking about.

In the book, the lead female character, Dena, is a compassionate soul. Several reviews of the book have commented on the fact. Dena cannot deny the hope or beauty of Christmas, or the vampire who needs a miracle more than anyone she knows. She touches on memories with her own deceased parents and gives Dimitri the ultimate gift-UNJUDGEMENTAL LOVE!


My own Mother had a massive stroke last December, and the real Dena, came forward asking to care for her. From the time my Mom woke up from her stroke, she has wanted to go home to Dena's. Last week, I took her home. It was hard to leave her, but I also know she will be taken care of in a way I cannot possibly duplicate. My Mother is precious, and Dena is the right person. I could not leave Mom with anyone else.

So this woman in the picture above is the real Dena. Kind, compassionate, with a caretaker's soul, she would do anything for her family and has sacrificed her life in the service of the ones she loves.


So as you read the book, or if you read it, remember what the season is really about. Think of the ones you love and what you would do for them. Think of the time you have left on this earth and what you want to do with it. I am a romance author, and I use my books to bring attention to those special people in my life who wouldn't otherwise receive any recognition. It's important to say I appreciate you!

Everyone deserves a Christmas miracle-even a vampire!


This is Dena hugging my Mom the first time she saw her after the stroke. The first thing Dena did is wrap my Mom in love. My Mom hasn't been able to cry since her stroke, but I think she was overjoyed to see her Dena! True fact: Dena is really my Mom's niece!

My Mother, Palma, looking extra beautiful for her granddaughter's wedding. Dena and her daughter, Nadean, drove to Ohio and helped get Mom ready, so I could focus on my daughter. Amazing, right? It's been almost one year since her stroke. Mom was so worried about looking good for the wedding.



Forensic photographer, Dena Williams, has spent her life trained to see what others cannot. Vampire, Dimitri Kovac, has waited every Christmas for a miracle that does not come. In the Oregon wilderness, during a snowstorm, these two destined souls collide. Dena's only hope of survival rests in a vampire with the heart of a poet. Dimitri only has five days to win a skeptical woman's heart. As the Christmas tree lights burn brightly and the snow continues to fall, will Dena succumb to a vampire's charms? With so little time, can Dimitri win her love?

Feel free to leave a comment! Keep on reading readers!

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