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Welcome Author Bill Bush!


Hello everyone and welcome to my site! Today, I have Author Bill Bush visiting with his new release, WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT!

Bill Bush grew up in Yates Center, Kansas, and is a graduate of Yates Center High School and Tabor College, where he earned a Master’s degree in Accounting. He is a CPA and runner as well as a writer, is author of several collections of short stories, and has written a column in the Harvey County Independent since April, 2013.

His desire to write comes from his mom, Phyllis Roth Lewis, who was a published author and wrote numerous short stories, poems, and books.

Bill lives in Halstead, Kansas with his two teenage children, who are the inspiration behind many of his stories.



Eden didn’t peg bribery, kidnapping, and murder for summer activities

For eighteen-year-old Eden, her court-mandated community service is set to be every bit as punishing as prison. Sent off to work at a pizza joint while living with her grandmother in a little out-of-the-way town, at least she can appreciate the peace and quiet.

But the town is hiding its own secrets, and pretty soon peace and quiet will be very hard to come by. She might not realize it, but between the spiteful neighbor, the enigmatic mayor, and the calculating owner of the abandoned hospital, Eden’s 90 days in Halstead are set to be the most exciting of her life.

Follow Eden’s unexpected adventure in this strange and entertaining tale of mystery.

Read When the Time is Right now, before someone spoils the surprise!




The next morning Eden ran the whole way to the hospital. Well, walked really quickly. She knew it was a risky move—to sneak back into the hospital—when there was no certainty that her theory was right. But she had to take another look at the machine before she told Officer Dirks. If she was right, this would be her last opportunity to see it.

Eden popped open the back door and retraced her and Lucas's journey through the hospital from the night before.

She gazed longingly at the roughly four hundred cubic feet of amazing technology. Eden ran her hand along the side as affectionately as Lucas had petted the kitten the night before. Goosebumps rose on her arms and up her neck as she thought about standing in this little, unknown town in the middle of the country, touching a machine that would change the course of human history.

Ironically, she lost track of time.

She had to share what she knew with the police. She would never see the machine again once they knew what it did.

As she started to leave, the door to the attached office, which had been ajar, creaked open a few more inches. She wasn’t alone.

Her heart pounded as she debated her options. Whoever was in the room wanted privacy. But why push the door open to see? Why not wait quietly until she left? When she asked herself if it could be the missing doctor, she stepped forward and cautiously pushed the door open.

The only noticeable difference from the previous evening was the missing coffee cup. She crept toward the desk. A cat leapt from behind the desk and Eden jumped. That stupid cat that Lucas had let into the hospital the night before. She nudged her head against Eden’s thigh. She glared down at the cat, resisting an urge deep within her to pet the cat so maybe it would stop staring at her. She ignored the kitten.

Eden’s eyes told her everything was the same, but her emotions screamed something was wrong; even more wrong than the presence of the cat. The shades were

closed but the overhead light from the lab was enough to see by. Still, Eden felt uncomfortable in the dimness, so she made for the window to invite the sunshine in.

Her foot caught and she tumbled to the ground clumsily, just like she had in The Pizza Parlor when she'd spilled spaghetti all over Lucas.

Then another similarity between the two accidents caused her to shriek. She had been tripped by a foot.

Beside her lay a dead body.







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