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Welcome Author Kimberly Daniels!

Hello everyone and welcome to my site! This post is part of a virtual book tour, hosted by Goddess Fish, featuring Author Kimberly Daniels and her new book Saved by You. Author Kimberly Daniels will be awarding a $10 Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift card to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Be sure to follow the tour and interact with the author to increase your chances of winning the gift card.



Cole Stevens thought he was finally given a second chance in life. With the woman he always loved now by his side, an adopted son who felt like his own since the day he met him, and a baby on the way, Cole could finally see his forever. And then his past showed up on his doorstep, threatening to take it all away.

Now forced to relive painful memories and bring dark secrets to light, Cole begins a downward spiral that leads him back to the place he spent years trying to escape. As the pain of his past collides with the present, he finds himself lost again, fighting for his family's future. How can he find the way back in time for his forever to be saved?



I let go of him and he falters back. Dusty wraps his arms around me to pull me back and Camryn is begging me to stop. Her voice registers, sinking through the fury that just consumed me, and my head snaps up realizing where I am. Camryn’s hands are over her mouth and I can see her fighting back tears. And that’s when I see him, my little superhero, crying and shaking at Camryn’s side. My sweet little boy, my Gavin—how could I let myself get to this point?

I reach out to him and he shudders back, sinking into Camryn even more. At that moment, my heart shatters, seeing that my son, the one I vowed to protect, is afraid of the menace I just became. My gaze travels to Camryn and I see the pain in her eyes, which I am sure I put there. “Take him home, away from me.”

She reaches her hand and grasps my wrist, pulling me with her. “Come home with us.”

I pull my hand away and begin to back away from them. “Take him home without me. Right now, he’s afraid…of me.” I can’t bear to stay here and look at what I did to Gav and Camryn, to see that the old Cole has never really left. I rush off the beach, away from my family, the ones I disappointed again with my thoughtless actions. I try to grasp the realization that I’m no longer the superhero Gavin once thought I was. Today, I became the villain.



Kimberly Daniels is a middle school English Teacher who took the advice of her students to pursue her writing hobby as a career. When she’s not at her laptop dreaming up new happily-ever-afters, she can be found glued to the TV or Kindle consumed with a new show or book addiction.

She lives with her husband and two daughters in in the suburbs of Philadelphia,

spending weekends at basketball games, softball fields, and dance recitals.





Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a middle school English teacher by day and a new author by night. When I have some down time, you will find me somewhere near the ocean, or spending time with my husband and two daughters

Any habits while writing? (music, food, etc.)

I definitely need background noise when I write, so Spotify is a must while I write. I create playlist for each of the books I write. And, chocolate always helps the writing process!

Have you always been a romance reader?

I started reading romance in college, but I love a good dystopian as well. I am a huge Hunger Games and Divergent Series fan. What can I say? I teach teenagers!

What hobby do you enjoy when not writing?

I love reading when I’m not writing. I love having the free time to explore other artists and sometimes it jumpstarts me to write my next one.

Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Lila is definitely my favorite. She is funny, but fiercely protective of her friends and family. She reminds me of my closest group of friends.

Do you have a favorite author or someone who influences you?

There are so many author who truly inspire me. However, authors like Colleen Hoover and A.L. Jackson inspire me as they continue to write inspiring books in this genre that I love so much. For Fun: Favorite Color: Pink Favorite Food: Sushi Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect, Hunger Games, Twilight - I’m a sucker for these young adult classics! Favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Music/Artist: The Lumineers Favorite Animal: dog, especially my Pomopoo Favorite Vacation spot: Anywhere there is a beach


Thanks for stopping by. Remember, the author is awarding a $10 Amazon/Barnes & Noble gift card via rafflecopter, so be sure to follow the tour. Click on the image below for your chance to win!


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Kimberly Daniels
Kimberly Daniels

Thank you for hosting today!


James Robert
James Robert

I appreciate getting to hear about your book. Thank you for sharing!


Marianne Judy
Marianne Judy

Thanks for hosting!

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