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Welcome Author T.S. Peterson!

Please welcome Author T.S. Peterson to my blog with her book, MORIBUND. "Death is but a state, not an end."





Ending up in front of me is no one’s idea of a good day.

I’m Evanee Sheperd, Acrasin General Hospital’s Forensic Pathologist and suspected psychic. My life was finally heading in the right direction until the night I went to my co-worker’s house party and met him again. Erick Tenebris, local mystery man who left Murder Point Bay twelve years ago, only to return at my weakest hour. Now my life is in disarray, and my feelings for him aren’t far behind that.

Finding out I’m part of a supernatural community is not what I wanted for my life; neither is autopsying the victims whose souls are fractured and partially drained by something I’ve never encountered before.

My world is in chaos and I’ll be lucky enough to make it out of this mess with my sanity intact, let alone my life.



Travelling into her mind, or round room of doors as she refers to it, Evanee helps the tortured soul of her patient find its final resting place. Evanee loses time as she inspects both her new patient and previous patient's wounds, looking for similarities. A sudden knocking noise draws her attention:

Enter,” I commanded quietly.

The glass panel he was floating over shattered, a shower of green, red, and blue raining down to dissipate on the carpeted floor. A hum filled my mind and a wave of power rolled out gently from where he touched down on a bent knee, gently swaying me as it reached my feet.

“That was one hell of an entrance. You do weddings and birthdays too?” Hands at my hips, I tried for my best Miss Tough Lady persona. He was in my mind and needed to know who was boss around here.

“Ah, so this is where you come to think? I must say it’s not what I expected.”

Looking down at his body, he grinned as if he were the cat that’d gotten the cream, before looking back at me with a smirk.

Is this how you see me? Semi-naked?”

“What are you on about?” I dismissed.

Okay, so I may have been perving just a little. Hey, I was only human; besides, he wasn’t meant to know I’d been thinking of him in that way.

“I’m fully clothed in reality,” he pointed out.

“Are you suggesting your current state of dress is thanks to my overactive imagination?” I feigned outrage.

“Hey, if the shoe fits,” Erick chuckled, his eyes drifting up and down my body.

Clad in soft black jeans, Erick sauntered over to where I stood, his bare feet treading lightly over the lush carpet. Goosebumps shivered across my bare arms and I crossed them reflexively over my chest, trying my best to give him my sternest look.

Erick got straight to the point. “Bob’s concerned, and I must admit so am I. Your body temperature has dropped dangerously. Your hair is that white from the roots to your ears, it’s practically glowing in the dark.”

He held himself loosely as if he was waiting for an imminent attack.

I rolled my eyes at him, huffing with exasperation. “Erick, relax, nothing in my mind will hurt you unless you open doors you’re not meant to. Look, come in here for a moment and see what I’m seeing. I have one or two more things to look at then I’ll leave, okay?”

Not waiting for his response, I turned and opened the door to the autopsy room before walking through. When he followed, I smiled to myself, closing the door behind him.

Erick’s eyes darted around the room with curiosity and he murmured, “What is this room?”

Erick gave himself over to his curiosity, prowling around the edge of the room. He inspected every corner as though he were a caged animal looking for weaknesses in the fence line.

I shook my head at his behaviour, then shrugged my shoulder. “This is where I come to dissect corpses or release souls that are trapped in their physical forms. I try not to come in here too often. Usually, I stand behind the window near the door there. I find it doesn’t take as much of a toll on me physically if I’m observing from the window; however, sometimes I need to get up close and personal with a body, and in those cases, I come in here.” Pointing towards the bodies, I explained, “These are the two unidentified bodies that we have in the morgue at the moment. I’ve been working backwards trying to spot differences and any evidence I need to pay attention to when I perform the autopsies in reality.”

I was already walking over to where the woman’s naked body floated mid-air.



Born and raised in South Africa until the age of seventeen, I now live in beautiful Far North Queensland, Australia. I’ve always been somewhat of a storyteller since a young age but never explored writing creatively until the birth of my first child in 2014.

After taking a Creative Writing course in 2015, I fell in love with the challenge and creativity associated with fictional writing.

I love the challenge of taking what’s in my mind and putting it into words on a page.

The Evanee Sheperd Series came about after one of my crazier than normal dreams. When the character and story wouldn’t leave my mind, I sat down and began the first book in the series, Moribund. Exitus followed shortly after in late 2019. I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently working on the first book, The Kingmaker’s Banshee, in the adjoining series, The Immortals of Death.

I should also mention that I’m a lover of reading, movies, chocolate, and wine. There can never be too much chocolate or wine.







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