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Welcome Author Tena Stetler!

Hello everyone and welcome to my site! Today, I have Author Tena Stetler visiting with her newest release, HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC! If you love paranormal romance, you're going to love this book.

GENRE: Paranormal Romance



The Salem Wildlife Sanctuary is Gwen Taylor's life work. Her Irish Gypsy heritage provides a hidden talent she uses to help the creatures under her care. But even her magical skills can't help new rescues in dire need of veterinary care.

The opportunity of signing on as the vet for Gwen's sanctuary dropped into Brock Scutter's lap after he expanded his practice to include wildlife. The personal attraction he and Gwen experience is undeniable the more their professional and personal lives collide.

Touring the only "non-haunted" house in Salem they both feel a spark of magic. A trip to his family's cabin uncovers a heritage he didn't know existed. If they want a future together, it means facing the consequences of awakening hidden Gypsy magic and a race against the clock to correct past wrongs.



Hi Krystal, thanks for having Brock Scutter, hero of HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC, and myself on your blog. Before I turn this over to Brock for his bucket list, I thought I’d give you a little background on Brock.

Brock came into A Witch’s Journey Series in A Witch’s Holiday Wedding. A muscular, handsome, young man dedicated to the care of all kinds of creatures. He was still single because all his energies were spent on becoming a veterinarian. After college, he went to work for a small clinic in Salem, Mass., leaving him little time for anything else. The owner retired and Brock purchased the practice His sister, Dylan is the veterinarian for Lobster Cove. His sister got really sick that year and asked him to cover her practice in Lobster Cove while she recuperated. Since his vet clinic in Salem was semi-closed for the holidays with only a skeleton crew for emergencies. He’d considered adding wildlife medicine to his clinic and figured this would be a great way to get his feet wet. Boy did he.

Lobster Cove was certainly not what he expected. Oh, on the surface it was a friendly fishing town. When he was sent to Lobster Cove Wildlife Rescue and Rehab to deliver an injured owl on the endangered list he made a shocking discovery.

It was this trip to Lobster Cove, Maine that he met Gwen Taylor.

Geez. How do I follow that introduction? I’m just a man who wants what’s best for the creatures under my care and the people I care about.

Be that has it may, you promised to answer a few questions. Krystal laughs.

When someone dies, we say they "kicked the bucket." Therefore, a list of things that a person wants to accomplish, places to go, situations to experience, and so on have become known as a "Bucket List."

First how about a bit of personal information?

Age: late 30’s

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Salem, Mass

Profession: Veterinarian

Ethnicity” Irish Gypsy

Please describe yourself:

Hard-working, goal-oriented, dedicated to the animals brought to my clinic. My personal life has always taken a back seat to my education and now my vet clinic.

Who is the significant other in your life?

Gwen Taylor. She is the owner, manager of Salem Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary. We were introduced by Pepper and Lathen. As you know, my sister, Dylan is the veterinarian in Lobster Cove which is where Pepper built a Wildlife rescue after leaving Salem. Now I serve as the veterinarian for Salem Sanctuary.

Birth order:

I’m the baby of the family. I have three sisters and one brother. If you don’t think that was a tough way to grow up. My sisters tried to dress me up like their dolls. My brother didn’t want his little brother tagging along. But we are a close-knit family.

Tell us about your favorite toy as a child.

I never had many toys. For as long as I can remember, I helped Dylan care for the injured creatures she brought home with nowhere to go. Which, I guess explains why we are both vets.

Describe your favorite food and how it's prepared.

A big juicy Porterhouse steak, baked potato with sour cream and butter, homemade rolls, and French-style green beans. For dessert, a big piece of Lemon Meringue pie. My mom makes the very best. Though I don’t see my parents as often as I’d like. They spend a lot of time in Ireland now that all us kids are grown.

Tell us about your best friend.

That would be Lathen Quartz. He’s Pepper’s husband. A former Navy Seal and does a great job finding disabled vets jobs where they can succeed. He placed two individuals in Gwen’s Sanctuary recently. They are a perfect fit. Kinda paying it forward. Don’t you think?

What are two places you would like to visit before you die, and why?

Australia – They have so many different species of wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.

Ireland – I’d like to meet my relatives on the Emerald Isle.

Where is a place you would never like to return, and why?

I can’t think of anywhere I’ve been that I wouldn’t like to return.

Who is someone you would like to meet, and why?

Terry, Binde, Robert Irwin. They are trailblazers in wildlife conservation. I’d like to have met Steve. But….

Who is someone you would like to avoid, and why?

The damn banker that caused Gwen so much heartache. But in the end. I guess he got what he deserved. LOL

If you could time travel to any date, what would it be, and what would you do there?

I’d love to travel back to Ireland in the time my Grandda and Grandma lived. They were gypsies you know and lived the old ways and believed in the magic.

Well, thank you for your candid responses. Brock. I’m so glad you stopped by. Now I have a few questions for the author of HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC.

What was your biggest challenge in writing this book?

Putting a different spin on the Salem Witch Trials.

Why did you choose this character for the interview today?

Brock popped into A Witch’s Holiday Wedding and became larger than life. He’s is such a bold character with a heart of gold.

When writing the book, what did you discover about this character that surprised you?

His ability to see the best in most people and his ability to embrance the unexpected with grace.

Are any sequels planned for this book?

Actually, I’m glad you asked. CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY MAGIC (Set to release in April of 2021) is the fourth book in A Witch’s Journey Series and one of the One Scoop or Two summer series from The Wild Rose Press.

Why should readers who haven't picked up one of your books before give this one a try?

Now more than ever, we need heart-warming, feel-good books to whisk us away from our new normal into a magical, fantasy adventure for just a few hours. HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC and all of my books for that matter are a welcome stress reliever, if only for a few hours at a time.



He glanced at his watch. Eleven thirty. A half-hour before midnight and Halloween would be over. Someone clapped him on the shoulder and he whirled around, fist clenched, and arm drawn back.

“Whoa, there Brock.” His friend Butch grinned. “A little jumpy on this Halloween night?”

“No, no not at all.” He lied. “Just deep in thought.”

Members of the Historical Society and The Witch’s Museum gathered around the front door. He hurried over. “Ready to leave so soon?”

“Yes, we’ve had a wonderful time, but it’s late…”A member of The Witch’s Museum said on a yawn.

“Past our bedtime” Another person added jokingly. “Great house you have here.”

“Thank you and thanks for coming.” He escorted his guests to their cars while Gwen took a defiant Misfit upstairs to their room. A thin cloud floated across the full moon in the star-strewn night sky. A twinge of anxiety niggled at his gut as he breathed in the crisp autumn air. Maybe Gwen’s right. He hurried inside. The door slammed behind him and locked.

Gwen raced down the stairs.

His gaze was drawn to the wall where the painting hung. Earlier in the evening, he’d noticed that no one was in the painting…now the chairs contained members of Beth’s family and she stood next to the fireplace inside the painting. Didn’t they all cross over? Could spirits come back after crossing over? Shit! Gwen was right, something is brewing.

Pepper and Lathen stood grim-faced next to Gwen. His mother and father crossed the room to join the little group. Butch helped Martha on with her coat then paused as the back door slammed and locked. The shutters banged against the house. Butch reached for the door handle, an eyebrow raised as the deadbolt slid into place.

“Son, I think your house is trying to tell you something.” His mother peered at the stairway where Dylan, Riva, and Molly stood.

Jeremiah and Morgan stepped out from behind the staircase. “What’s going on?” Jeremiah wanted to know, wrapping a protective arm around Morgan pulling her close.



Tena Stetler is a best-selling author of award winning paranormal romance with an over-active imagination. She gave up her paralegal profession to play with faeries, witches, vampires, and shapeshifters and tell their tales. She wrote her first vampire romance as a tween, to the chagrin of her mother and the delight of her friends. Colorado is home; shared with her husband, a brilliant Chow Chow, a spoiled parrot and a forty-five-year-old box turtle. When she’s not writing, her time is spent kayaking, camping, hiking, biking or just relaxing in the great Colorado outdoors.

Her books tell tales of magical kick-ass women and mystical alpha males that dare to love them. Travel, adventure, and a bit of mystery flourish in her books along with a few companion animals to round out the tales.






Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to grab your copy of HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC today!

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Tena Stetler
Tena Stetler
Oct 15, 2020

Thank you Kristal for hosting Brock, hero from HIDDEN GYPSY MAGIC and myself! We really appreciate your efforts.

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