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Like Your Romance Hot?


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My Story

Welcome to my site! I've been a romance reader from my late teens until now. My mother and her friends used to keep those thick novels lying around their house (you know....the ones with Fabio on the covers).  It was only natural a curious teenager would pick one up and end up hooked for life. There's something about the drama and happy endings that gets to me every single time. I've been married for 30 years and have two fantastic children.  After finishing an Accounting Tech degree from Miami University, I quickly realized I enjoyed words more than numbers.

What do I write? Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, & Erotic. I love all types of romance, so I write them all in different lengths. Expect heat, imaginative stories, and a HEA! 

 Never give up on your dreams! So bring on the weird or different. I love it and my books reflect it. Thanks for stopping by!

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