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A foggy evening When the mist enshrounds And winds around the trees The hint of a chill Th
Forty-five years I've watched and learned Nothing has changed I'm just older Politics, pre
That misty, foggy morning Where the soul refuses to rest Uncomfortable in my own skin Paci
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The spell is cast Wicked Warlock Night and day Dominating my thoughts An inferno of desire
A sea of dreams A field of sighs Both deceptive Beautiful lies For beneath the petals And
In the light, all see me In the dark, only you know me The contours of my body Shared smil
Don't deny how you feel I'd rather have the pain My soul reaches for yours I know you feel
Teardrops and blood Both contain salt Wounds cut so deep But no one claims fault Sad eyes
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Negativity burns Fueled by fear Is this all we are Will it last one year No one has answer
The timbre of your voice The glint in your eyes The smirk on your lips I'd never survive P
Chasing a dream Or chasing the wind Both frustrating Exhausting, no end Still here you are
We are but strangers Cautious to smile The moment surreal, taboo Your body once made love
A few favorite things Butterfly wings Aloft against dark, stormy skies Bright lightning st
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