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Purple Rose Video is my business besides writing romance books!  These are some of the teaser trailers I have done with links to the author's websites. If you see something you like, just click on the author's link. If you're interested in a trailer, contact me on this site or at

Full book trailer $50
Book Ad $10
Video Book Ad $15
TikTok Ad no music $5 (TikTok prefers you select music from their library)
Personal Assistant Services/uploading $25 per hour
Teaching/consultations $25 per hour

*I use royalty free music from multiple sources. I pull images and video segments from multiple sources. The 3-D graphic I create of your book will be yours. Fees are subject to change. Up to 3 edits allowed per video unless the error is mine. Fees are based on what it costs me to have subscriptions to multiple sites. 

As social media sites implement new rules regarding content, I am constantly searching for ways to express sensuality. I write steamy/erotic books as well, so I understand the frustrations. Bare skin, even just a chest, has caused some authors to be flagged or banned from SM platforms. Music that is not royalty free will also cause you problems. Be careful!


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