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Can A Dom Warlock Have A Heart Of Gold?

Updated: Apr 8

Oh wow, where do I begin with Dominic from House of Warlock? Out of the six kings, he's still my favorite, and that's saying a lot compared to his half-brother, Damon.

I knew I wanted to attempt a BDSM book, and I felt a warlock would be a perfect Dom. This was my first try at the Dominant-submissive relationship, but I have to say Angelique and Dominic made it easy because he's so ALPHA, and she's been kept in the dark. Dominic owns and operates Club Infinity...a BDSM club for the immortal.

Dominic oozes morally grey characteristics. He has no problem killing to protect his mate.

“I know what and who she is, and the power belongs to me as her mate,” he sneered in a deep, menacing voice.

My back plastered to the door either in fright or with the emotional overload bursting in my brain and funneling into my heart. I froze in place, unable to move, staring as the man snatched the dagger from Adam’s hand. I struggled to breathe, not understanding why attraction heated body my until I thought I would catch fire.

Adam dropped to his knees, begging for his life. “Please, King Dominic. I didn’t know she was your mate.”

“Fucking liar. Who sent you?”

Adam shook his head. “No one.”

“Then you die.” The man sliced Adam’s throat with one quick slash.

And Angelique is no better...

Glowing eyes burned into mine. “He used you, and you don’t even know what you are. I never heard you beg for him. No tears? No scream? Did you enjoy his death?”

“No,” I murmured, but I lied. Adam cheated on me and tried to kill me. I wished for and imagined his death a hundred times, but I’d never admit it and never actually do it.

As for the BDSM aspects in the book, I traveled down a few wormhole blogs, researched the lifestyle, and read a lot of books. Am I an expert? No. Did I find beauty in the lifestyle? Yes, especially in the lighter aspects of the Dom-sub relationship. Do I belong to the community? No. Are there people who will hate the book because I'm not in a BDSM relationship? Probably. Can another author write it better? Sure.

My entire goal with Dominic and Angelique was for him to empower her. The one idea I took from a BDSM relationship was the Dom's role to protect and adore, and his ability to be more powerful without causing his sub to feel powerless. There are several lines in this book to reaffirm this idea...

I’d claim her brutally and force her to rise as a queen of ultimate power. My world expected ruthlessness, and it was the only way she’d survive at my side.

I grabbed her by the neck, my thumb pressing against her pulse point. “I’m the Master. No kissing until I allow it. You don’t demand anything from me. You fucking take it like The Warlock Queen should from everyone else, but with me, you drop to your knees as my submissive.”

“Come on, Angelique,” he growled. “Be my mate.”

I wanted the reader to grasp the deeper meaning, or what Dominic is pushing so hard for. He knows his world is cutthroat. He knows she doesn't understand everything. And he knows she'll have to fight to be his queen.

PUNISHMENT: Angelique is a void from the Nosta witch line. They are the most powerful witches on the planet. A "void" is someone who carries power or holds it for someone else...her warlock of course! She learns fast under his care, and he never abuses the gift. Angelique does receive the sting of his punishment a few times

“You’re in so much fucking trouble, Angelique.”

My shoulders hunched. “You were awake?”

“Awake and aware. My mother has no power over me.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“To see what she was up to, and to see how you reacted.”

He bit my earlobe. “Weak, Angelique. I think another demonstration on the cross is in order.”

POWER EXCHANGE: As Dominic's mate, Angelique can pull from him. She's the only one he allows this privilege, and he has to teach her to do it.

“Draw from me, Angelique, and free yourself.”

When Angelique finally fights back, Dominic encourages her.

She pivoted, growling like a wild beast, ripping shit off the walls, turning things over, and throwing anything she could lift. A window shattered when she hurled a candle through it, and the curtains lit on fire.

“Burn it to the ground, Angelique,” I pushed, needing answers.

She swiveled to me, gasping for breath, eyes shining with silver magic and power emanating from every pore.

“Need some help,” I taunted, tossing a green fireball through the center. Flames leaped upward along the wall to the ceiling. “Don’t stop now. Let it out.”

Her gaze drifted to my throne, and the podium where I’d stared at her and allowed others to condemn her. “Don’t like that either? Light it up, baby. Come on. Show me what you can do.”

I laughed when silver flames encompassed the podium, my throne, every wall, and every piece of furniture.

“You wrecked my pussy!” she yelled, turning on me.

“And I’d do it again!”

LOL...this book couple though. They are passionate and powerful.

AFTERCARE: Dominic bathed me, applied salve to the brand on my neck, dried my body and hair, and formed black jeans and a snug t-shirt to match his.

All the while, he spoke in muted tones, encouraging me and telling me how beautiful I was.

And I soaked his attention up like a damn sponge.

I wanted more.

My heart demanded more.

Emotions and Dominic had me a wreck.

Was his punishment or aftercare better?

Dark, tousled, wet hair rested against his wide shoulders, and all-knowing eyes bore into mine.

When finished, he braced his hands on the countertop on either side of my hips.



Licking his succulent lips.

Hard chest grazing my tender nipples.

One eyebrow arched over his sinful eyes. “Want to talk about it?”

"No. I don’t have anything to say.”

"Are you sure?” he teased, flicking his tongue against my mouth.

INTERESTING FACT: Not one time in this book do they say, "I love you." It didn't feel right for Dominic and Angelique. They showed a deep love in every action, every sensual moment, and in the trust built between them.

House of Warlock is my favorite book from the Kings & Queens series. Although I don't participate in the lifestyle, there's something about it that intrigues me...or something about Dominic. lol This is the only BDSM book in the series, and it's available with your Kindle Unlimited membership, or the ebook is $2.99.

So, does Dominic have a heart of gold? You tell me!


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