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Elizabet, The Vampire Queen

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I hovered before the double doors into Damon’s throne room, not sure what to expect. A crowning ceremony seemed over-the-top and archaic, but the red gown trailing to the floor was fabulous. I glanced at the rubies lining the straps of my stilettos and grinned. My mate had a fetish for the color red, especially when I wore it.

My gaze lifted on the monstrosity of a castle carved from stone in the catacombs beneath Scarlet Manor. Sharp peaks and balconies reminded me of photographs of ancient castles in far-away lands. Brown and gray meshed together to create a striking fortress, a reminder of the strength of the vampire.

It didn’t surprise me that many of the originals remained in this place. It had been their home for centuries, and the human world above was a constant temptation. Blood bags lacked the euphoria of feeding from the artery, but they worked and kept the peace between the two worlds.

My gaze snapped to the doors when they parted and opened, signaling my entrance and my ascension as The Vampire Queen. Original vampires lined the red carpet laid before me, but it was the man on a sword and skull throne that held my attention.

Damon’s fathomless eyes tracked my every movement, but I knew the intimate sensuality in their depths. I knew every part of him, every hard plane, every corded muscle, the essence of his blood, and the knowledge it carried.

The Vampire King wore all black, owning his throne and ruling his people with a tight fist, but I’d felt his soft caresses on my body, the tenderness of his love, the sting of his bite, and the pleasure of him feeding from me.

I was his queen in every way a woman could be.

Our eyes never left each other when a ruby crown was placed on my head. And when I turned to face the originals, Damon stepped from his throne. Cool hands touched my shoulders and slithered up my neck, fingers sliding back and forth on my flesh.

“Your queen,” he yelled to the watchers, and they bowed on one knee before us.

“Are you ready, Elizabet?” he whispered in my ear.

I tensed, close to turning and jumping in his arms. “Ready for what?”

Damon chuckled and kissed my throat. “Blood bath ascension, remember?”

A smile hovered on my lips when a portal opened in front of us. I’d never developed a liking for this mode of travel. “Where are we going?”

“Your reception, Queen Elizabet.”

“Reception?” I questioned as Damon led me into the light.

“Find me, Elizabet,” he teased, smirking.

My eyes narrowed. “What do you mean, find you?”

I stumbled when we exited the portal and turned in a complete circle. A sea of original vampires danced in a club. Different levels rose at least twenty floors above me, but Damon was nowhere to be found. I could find him through our bond easy enough, but he wanted to play hide and seek.

“Let’s play, vampire,” I whispered, the ridiculous gown disappearing to be replaced by black pants low on my hips, a ruby red halter, and black booties.

I inhaled a deep breath before stepping onto the black tiles, sliding into the crowd, occasionally stopping to dance with a smiling original. Sensuality thrummed, the beat of the music matching what they exhibited with their sultry movements.

A dark-headed, delicious vampire moved in front of me, incisors glistening in the overhead lights that pulsated in time with the music. His hips rolled in invitation, but I hunted a king.

“Your ass, Elizabet,” a deep voice whispered seductively in my mind.

I grinned, rocking my body to the music, losing myself in the melody and the knowledge that he watched me. My head fell back as my hands slid over my body, pausing on my breasts before dropping to my stomach and between my thighs.

Black magic feathered above the crowd in a wave, falling and threading in between the bodies, intensifying the sensual vibe. My flesh prickled with awareness. Damon was close.

“I thought you wanted me to find you?” I teased through our link, moving toward the stairs leading to the upper levels.

A masculine chuckle was his only reply as I disappeared onto the second floor of the club.

“I can’t wait to lick your bare stomach,” he taunted.

“I’d prefer you lick somewhere else, vampire.”

“My dick is hard, Elizabet.”

“Sounds like a personal problem, Damon.”

I darted up the steps to the third and fourth levels.

“Mile high club?” He laughed into my mind.

“Only the best for the king.”

I stepped onto the fifth level, only to come to a complete stop. My dark king strolled toward me, licking the tips of his deadly fangs. I chuckled, backing away, and glancing over the rail.

“Don’t you dare, Elizabet.”

I smiled brightly and blew him a kiss before leaping over the balcony, freely falling to the bottom level. “Wings, Damon. I want the demon,” I laughed.

But I didn’t laugh long when he swooped beneath me, catching me midair.

“I think another demonstration on obeying your mate is in order,” my winged mate hissed.

“Is that right? I remember nothing about promising to obey, but you’re welcome to strap me to anything you want.”

He soared higher, rising to the upper levels while the originals cheered for their king and queen.

I leaned close, licking his throat and nipping his earlobe. “And I expect you to feed between my thighs.”

“Filthy bedroom slut,” he growled.

“Good little sub for my Master,” I teased, sucking his earlobe. “And I want you like this.”

“I never thought I’d hear that,” he grumbled.

With my next breath, I hung from chains that circled my wrists. More chains secured my ankles, legs spread wide open. I heard him before I saw him. My demon strolled toward me in faded, ripped jeans, barefoot, and no shirt. I licked my lips when he stopped before me, flogger in hand, smacking it against his palm. A smirk lifted the corner of his lip as his eyes slithered over my naked body.

“Welcome to my private dungeon, Elizabet.”

My eyes narrowed to thin slits. “These chains better have been created for me.”

One eyebrow arched over his wicked eyes. “I engraved your name on each link.”

I didn’t know if that made me feel better or not.

“You’ve only known the painful side of submission, but now it’s time to add the pleasure. I’m going to make you come repeatedly tonight. Are you ready, Elizabet?”

I lifted my chin and secured my hands on the chains. “Make it burn good, vampire.”

But Damon dropped to his knees, licking his lips. “There are more ways to burn, Elizabet.”


House of Vampire

Kings & Queens, Book 6

Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Series

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