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EXCERPT: The Vampire King slammed me into the side of my house. He ripped the helmet from my head, plastered me against the wood, and trapped my hands above my head.

In that instance, my life flashed before my eyes. But some small part of me, some deeply angry part of me, refused to cower. My face lifted, and I hissed at the demon despite my impending death. He was larger, he was faster, and he was nastier than the rest, with black eyes, black hair long enough to caress his shoulders, and fangs that looked as if he’d taken a sharpener to them. His jaw ticked with anger, and his tongue slicked across a full bottom lip.

“Fuck you,” I spat.

He leaned in close, close enough that his breath mixed with mine. “I can make that happen.”

“Rape? Torture? I’m game, bloodsucker. Go ahead and bite me.”

I wasn’t prepared for his white smile. “You think I care if you consent? Truth is, the moment my fangs pierce your artery, you’ll be begging for my dick.”

“And the moment my blood coats your tongue, you’ll die.”

“Let’s see if it’s true.”

My eyes narrowed when his fang tipped my lip. A warm trail of blood slithered over my chin, followed by his tongue.

His eyes closed on a growl, only to snap open black as the night. “I’m not burning. It seems the rumor is false.”

It figured the king would be immune. “Doesn’t matter. I’ll find another way.”

His tongue flicked my bottom lip again, and the spot he’d pierced tingled. “I look forward to it. Come kill me, Elizabet. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Why wait? Let’s do it now.”

He grinned again, lowered me to the ground so slowly I brushed every inch of his massive body, backed away, and spread his arms wide. “Get your weapon. If you can’t kill me, you owe me a favor.”

I snatched my Katana from the ground and faced him. “A deal with the devil?”

“Hell yes,” he snarled. “I love it when you talk dirty, Elizabet.”

“Stop saying my name."

He bowed at the waist. “Before you kill me, my name is Damon.”

“Damon, demon, what’s the difference?”

He pursed his lips and made a sound like a cat purring. “So hot. I’m going to enjoy licking that hot little pussy. I wonder if it tastes as good as your blood.”

“Not only a vampire, but an arrogant dick. I knew it at the station.”

“I am both. And you’re a temperamental bitch with a grudge. Perfect couple.”

“We’ll never be a couple, Damon.”

“You’ll give into me. Now kill me if you can.”


I've always adored vampire romance. Damon, The King of the Vampires, has become my favorite king from the series with his witty banter, sexiness, and compassion for his mate. Elizabet is a tough one, but she's the perfect mate for my king.

One thing I won't do is pair a weak heroine with an alpha hero.

House of Vampire ebook is priced at .99 cents until release, so it's the perfect time to secure your copy.

This is the last book in the Kings & Queens series. These books are adult urban fantasy and paranormal romances and feature a unique couple in each romance with heat, magic, and world building. So, if you love Fae, shifters, Dom warlocks, demons, and vampires, this is the series for you. The books are available in ebook and paperback with your Kindle Unlimited membership or for $2.99 per ebook.

It's been a great ride, and I adore each king for different reasons, but it's time to brainstorm a new book!





Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.

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