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Do You Believe in Angels?

As I sat in church one Sunday morning on my cushioned pew, I listened intently to my Pastor's message on angels. I am a Christian, so let's start off by saying I basically believe what the King James Version of The Bible teaches. That doesn't mean there still aren't plenty of questions in my mind or I'm not open to different interpretations.

The Bible teaches us that angels are creations of God. They serve, protect, fight evil and deliver messages. They are not to be worshipped. They obviously are capable of sin since Lucifer fell from grace with the legions of angels who followed him.

Friend, Protector, Messenger or Warrior?

The pastor's message took two Sunday's to complete. You can imagine that by this time my imagination was running wild! I started thinking about the angels who sinned. Could they repent? Be forgiven? I felt compassion for them because aren't we just as easily influenced by evil? Yet, we were given Jesus Christ as an advocate with the Father.

These thoughts led to my newest book, "The Burn." I took those fallen angels and turned them into vampires. It wasn't a far stretch in my brain, although my pastor is probably shaking his head right now. LOL

This blog briefly touches on the subject of angels. There is so much more I could go into, but then this two minute article would turn into several hours. I encourage anyone with interest to get your Bible out and read for yourself. The internet is also full of information. Personally, I have never seen an angel and would probably pass out if one appeared before me. So tell me what you believe? Your experiences?

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I believe too, Grace! Thanks for reading the article!


I believe in Angels!

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